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IVF #2: 6DP5DT

Here I am, six days past our five day transfer.  The wait is getting harder by the moment, and I’m fighting the urge to test early.  As much as I would love to see an early positive, I would be absolutely defeated to see an early negative.  Instead,  I’m ‘symptom spotting’ like there’s no tomorrow […]

IVF #2: 3DP5DT

Today is three days past our five day transfer (3DP5DT for short).  Not much to report, really.  Aside from taking my estrogen twice daily and my progesterone three times daily, things are pretty much back to normal.   We did get some encouraging news yesterday — one of our remaining three embryos progressed into a […]

IVF #2: Embryo Transfer

Yesterday was transfer day!  Our beautiful embryos had slowed down in development a bit since their last check on day three.  Six of them were still growing and at an early blastocyst stage.  Due to my previous IVF failure and age, our doctor recommended transferring the three most mature embryos, so that’s what we did. […]

IVF #2: Embryo Update

Three days since egg retrieval, and I’m feeling better each day — still sore and somewhat bloated, but definitely improving.  I’ve been taking it really easy, eating a high-protein diet, and drinking plenty of gatorade, as per my doctor’s orders. Our transfer is scheduled for day five, Tuesday, at noon.  As of this morning all […]

IVF #2: Retrieval Day

Yesterday was the big day — retrieval day!  We had to be at the clinic by 7AM, so it was a very early start.  I had taken my antibiotics the night before and hadn’t eaten anything after midnight.  My  husband turned over his part of the production and then it was my turn — IV […]

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