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IVF #2: The Feelings

The D&C was three days ago.  I don’t really know what to say — I went into the surgical suite technically pregnant, and I left empty.  I wasn’t really prepared for all the feelings, both physical and emotional, that would follow.  It’s been a difficult three days.  It’s felt more like three years.  I was […]

IVF #2: D&C Tomorrow

Ever since the devastating news last Friday, I’ve been terrified of miscarrying naturally. I decided pretty early on, that of the three options presented to me (natural miscarriage, chemically-induced miscarriage, or D&C), I wanted the D&C. I didn’t want to have to wait around for days, weeks, possibly up to a month, for my body […]

IVF #2: Goodbye

This is the only picture we will ever have of our sweet baby. The baby we conceived during our second and final IVF attempt. The baby we loved and wanted so very much. The baby we lost today, at 8 weeks, for reasons unknown. The ultrasound was so very still — no movement, no heartbeat, […]

IVF #2: All is Lost

Today’s ultrasound showed that our baby had stopped developing about a week ago.  There was no heartbeat, no movement, no life. It’s over and all is lost. I don’t know how I will ever be okay again.

IVF #2: 8 Weeks

How I’m Feeling:  Just fine. Pretty much my normal self, with the exception of being tired most of the time. I also notice myself eating more than usual, both in frequency and quantity.  No nausea and no food aversions (knock on wood!). What I’m Thinking:  I’m anxious and excited and nervous about tomorrow’s ultrasound! I […]

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