IVF #2: All is not Lost

Last night was Thanksgiving in Canada.  Since my husband is from the great white north, we joined some other Canadian friends for a celebratory dinner.  Right before we sat down to eat, I felt some discharge and excused myself to the bathroom.  I was unprepared for what I saw — a large amount of bright, red blood.  I panicked.  We left dinner immediately to come home.  At home, I passed a very large clot of tissue along with several smaller clots and more blood.  We were scared that I was having a miscarriage.

After an hour or so, the bleeding tapered to almost nothing.  We spoke to a close friend and OB nurse who advised us to rest and wait for our scan in the morning.  As long as I was no longer actively bleeding, there wasn’t much to do.  Things would either be fine, or they would not, and only the ultrasound would tell us for sure.  Needless to say, neither of us slept much, both bracing for the worst, but both also desperately clinging to hope that somehow, maybe everything would be okay in spite of all that blood.

Morning came and I was still having a small amount of bloody discharge, more like blood-tinged mucous than actual frank blood — but blood nonetheless.  My heart was pounding the entire drive to the office.  I was trying to prepare myself for whatever we would find out.  I was trying to tell myself that it would be okay, that we would be okay regardless of the outcome.  And then, the nurse called my name and it was time to see the doctor.

The ultrasound revealed a large subchorionic hematoma — a pooling of blood in the uterus — that the doctor felt was likely from an embryo that had implanted but then miscarried.  There was still a large amount of clotted blood in my uterus, and I was told I would likely experience more bleeding and clotting as the hematoma resolved itself.

But wait, there’s more — there was also one perfect baby on the scan, measuring right on time at 6 weeks and 4 days.  We got to see the yolk sac, the fetal pole, and the HEARTBEAT!  It was no more than a tiny flicker, but it was a heart and it was beating.  We are pregnant!  It was absolutely, positively the most amazing thing I have ever seen.


We return in 10 days for another ultrasound to check the growth of baby Smith and to monitor the hematoma.

There really aren’t words to express our excitement, gratitude, and overwhelming joy.

This was a good day, perhaps one of the best so far.

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