IVF #2: 7 Weeks Pregnant

Today, I’m seven weeks pregnant!  Baby Smith is about the size of a raspberry and I’m feeling pretty okay.  Here’s a quick list of my current symptoms:  fatigue ++, sore chest, frequent urination (I’m waking up once or twice a night), bloating, increased salivation, and increased appetite.  I often feel like I could eat a small horse, and then promptly fall asleep forever, or at least until my bladder tells me it’s time to visit the toilet.   I have also had my fair share of spotting — mostly in the brownish spectrum, ever since the big bleed on Sunday, which is expected.  No nausea or food aversions, yet — knock on wood.

I’ve been busy thinking of fun ways to officially announce the pregnancy to our friends and family.  We’re planning to do so the week of November 15th — only one month away!  I’ve also found the OB/midwife practice I’ll be seeing for my pregnancy, and already scheduled my first appointment for the beginning of November.  Probably only two more appointments at the fertility clinic, then we “graduate” to a regular OB.  I’ll definitely miss our doctor and nurse — they’ve both been fantastic and so supportive along the way.

Next up is our second ultrasound on October 23.  I’m very excited to see how Baby Smith has grown, and I’m hoping to see that the subchorionic hematoma is smaller.  Fingers crossed for everything!

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