IVF #2: The Cytotec

About four days after the D&C, I started to feel worse, much worse.  I started to experience cramping, lower back pain, increased bleeding and overwhelming fatigue.  I gave it a day.  No better.  Then I called my nurse.  She advised me to come in for an assessment.  After waiting over an hour, I was escorted back to, coincidentally, the exact same room where I learned that my baby had stopped developing.  I knew then, that nothing good would come of this visit.

Our doctor started scanning my uterus and noted an area of “thickness” that was most likely retained placental/fetal tissue.  Following that, I learned that I would have to take the “miscarriage inducing” drug (cytotec) that I originally declined to take when I opted for the D&C.  The one my doctor advised me against taking because it was too emotionally and physically traumatic.  Yes, that one.

So, it was off to the pharmacy to pick up my cytotec and my vicodin.  I started everything at noon.

Honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad, although I did keep up with my vicodin every four hours.  About five hours into the cytotec, I passed a large blood clot.  Two hours later, I had about 15 minutes of INTENSE cramping.  The rest of the time was pretty standard menstral-type cramping.  I managed to sleep reasonably well and woke up to pass one smallish piece of tissue.  Then it was back to see the doctor.

The scan revealed no more area of “thickness” in my uterus, so it’s likely that I passed whatever was noted there originally.  My bloodwork showed no signs of anemia or infection, which is good news on both counts.  The only questionable result was my HCG, which was “dramatically higher than expected,” according to my doctor.  He requested more bloodwork today to confirm that my HCG level is indeed decreasing.  If not, there’s more testing to be done.

As for me, today, I’m home alone.  Still quite crampy.  Still taking vicodin.  Wishing I could have gone to Delaware with my parents yesterday as planned.  Wishing my body would just cooperate and let go of this pregnancy.  Wishing I knew how to start piecing my life back together.

Wishing still for a happy ending.

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