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gold dust

as this year draws to a close, i resolve to take a few moments to myself and just be here, in this moment. i’m going to breathe deeply and savor every breath. i’m going to be thankful for the people and things that surround me. i’m going to love myself and all my imperfections. and […]

the space between

december is always a bittersweet month for me. i find myself struggling to tie up all the loose ends before closing out the year and moving on to the next. it’s a time for reflection and inventory and a sprinkling of hope that the next year might be at least as good as this one. […]

day twenty six = real life

In bed with new slippers and a new book. I think all the answers I need are on these pages — at least I hope so. Mary Oliver never disappoints. Feeling all the sad feelings today, despite a beautifully joyous Christmas yesterday. Infertility and babyloss are the hardest, even at the best of times.

day twenty five = peace, joy and love

day twenty four = one year ago

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