June 2, 2016

Today was to be my due date.

The day I would become a mother.

They day we would become a family.


I’m so sorry that I will never meet my sweet baby girl, or see her face, or hear her laughter, or teach her about the world an all the beautiful things in it. I’m sorry that all my hopes and dreams for her will never be realized. I’m sorry that we only had 8 short weeks together — I wish it had been so much more.

I will never forget seeing her heartbeat for the first time and knowing that I was carrying a life that was so very wanted and loved. It was nothing but joy, pure and unspeakable.

Not a day will go by that I won’t think of her, and of all that could have been, and of all that will never be.

In a secret and broken place in my heart, I will always wonder…

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