charlotte martin

the twenty-third of january

between the sacred and profane nobody hears me chant your name another year has gone again and i will never be the same i keep you close under my breath. it was one of those days that never really ends; there were no goodbyes.  i remember the fog and the ice and the road leading […]

the third of february

we’re wild and tame and wild again we’re on and off and sometimes friends with failed attempts we analyze the strange suggestions we disguise i let our kiss fall behind a stone i read the corners of your mouth i try to speak but have no sound i’m out to get you anyway under the […]

a one girl army

last week, my sister and i drove out to a little coffee house in vienna, virginia to catch a night of music with charlotte martin.  it was our third time seeing her perform, so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed, and, we were right:  charlotte martin is a powerhouse of musical genius. the night started […]