thousand word thursday | bathroom renovation edition

the space within becomes the reality of the building. (frank lloyd wright)

twenty seven | year two

i am back at my condo after a blissful week spent at my parents’ — my safety net, my nest, my home.  my return to reality is a bittersweet reminder of the swift passage of time and the truly amazing gift of family.  i am a lucky girl. dance this existence of ours is as […]

twenty six

christmas eve 1988: a story in two parts [brook] i was but a wee lass, still fully enraptured by the santa claus spell. i firmly believed – nay, knew as fact – that mr. claus would be scooching down that chimney sometime in the noctural hours, and that knowledge was enough to deprive me of […]

thousand word thursday

the mirant power plant is bathed in golden sunlight, while in the distance, a plane makes its final approach to reagan national airport.

thousand word thursday

this is the chandelier that lives in my closet.

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