are we not like two volumes of the same book?

happy mother’s day, mom. all that i am is because of you.

bathroom renovation, part II

the new sink is finally in its new home. the old sink has moved on and was remembered with a moment of silence on saturday afternoon. the wonderful building maintenance man, mark, did the removal and installation while i was out. as i was leaving saturday morning, i left mark a note of thanks and a friendly […]

bathroom renovation

my building was constructed in 1969, and my bathroom is an original. it has a sink like none i’ve ever seen before. imagine a white cast iron sink nestled into a strangely coloured, faux marble laminate counter, resting atop two skinny metal legs. it looks like an awkward teenager or a strange creature that is […]


“Where thou art – that – is Home.” (Emily Dickinson) “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.” (Christian Morgenstern) what is it exactly that makes a home? i look around my condo, finally filled with my things and my pets and i wonder, when will it be home? is it a […]

it's mine

the condo, that is. signed, sealed and to be delivered on november 30th. i must be dreaming… (please don’t wake me if i am)

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