i believe in harvey dent

i saw the dark knight this weekend and i wasn’t disappointed; it really is *that* good. i arrived at the theatre on saturday, along with my sister and brother-in-law, an hour and a half before showtime. surprisingly, we were the first three people in line — in front of the comic book carrying teenagers and […]


$160,000 and 17 days in dublin resulted in one of the best movies i’ve seen in years. simple, touching, tragic, understated and filled with music, once is definitely worth seeing. oh, and, “miluju tebe” means, “i love you” in czech. i’m still not sure if that should make me smile or cry.

"meet me in montauk"

joel and clementine.  thanks to my sister, i finally met them this past weekend, and i’m glad i did. emotionally withdrawn meets free spirit on a train.  they are unexplicably drawn to each other despite their obvious differences.  unbeknownst to them, they are, in fact, former lovers who will fall in love again. i love […]

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