a night with tori amos

my sister and i spent the past saturday evening at DAR constitution hall in DC. it was our seventeenth time seeing the amazing tori amos perform. we scored fourth row, center seats again this time and, just, wow. there’s no point in trying to compare the shows we’ve seen, they are each magical in their […]

UG Review

(those of you who are not tori fans will probably want to forego reading this) Unrepentant Geraldines Tori Amos Released 13 May 2014 Overall comment — This is a solid Tori album. I think the range and tone of her voice is the best it’s been in years. That said, the unfortunate use of the […]

fourteen | year five

depth over distance

depth over distance every time, my dear, and this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods, but it’s the roots that will bind us here, to the ground depth over distance was all i asked of you and i may be foolish to fall as i do still there’s strength in the blindness […]

behind my eyes i’m hiding

everything changed on february 11, 1994.  it was a friday.  i watched jay leno that night and his musical guest was tori amos.  behind a majestic grand piano sat a tiny woman with curly red hair who played the most hauntingly beautiful lovesong i had ever heard.  i don’t think i moved for the entire […]

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