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depth over distance

depth over distance every time, my dear, and this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods, but it’s the roots that will bind us here, to the ground depth over distance was all i asked of you and i may be foolish to fall as i do still there’s strength in the blindness […]

be still

be still and know that i’m with you be still and know that i am here be still and know that i’m with you be still, be still, and know when darkness comes upon you and covers you with fear and shame be still and know that i’m with you and i will say your […]


maybe i didn’t like hear but i still can’t believe speed racer is dead so then i thought i’d make some plans but fire thought she’d really rather be water instead and peggy got a message for me, from jesus and i heard every word that you have said and i know i have been […]

eighteen | year three

rock & roll and radio are you still in love with me like the way you used to be or is it changing? does it deepen over time like the river that is winding through the canyon? are you still in love with her? do you remember how you were before the sorrow? are you […]

ain’t no love

maybe that it would do me good if i believed there were a god out in the starry firmament but as it is that’s just a lie and i’m here eating up the boredom on an island of cement give me your ecstasy i’ll feel it open window and i’ll steal it baby like it’s […]

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