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IVF #2: Beta #3

Today was my third and final beta and it was a sensational 2199!  Up from 1091 on Wednesday – a 47-hour doubling time, which is perfect.  Say it with me, friends:  No More Betas!!  Next up is my 6-week ultrasound, which is scheduled for October 12th.  I’m super excited! Not too much else to do until […]

IVF #2: Beta #2

My second beta results are in and they are GREAT!  My level increased from 488 on Monday to 1,091 today!  That’s a doubling time of 41-hours.  Anything under 48-hours is considered normal and supports a viable pregnancy.  We’re SO excited! Back in for one more blood test on Friday, and if that is normal, we […]

IVF #2: Beta #1

Today was the day — blood test number one.  This number sets the tone for everything moving forward.  Too low, and it’s likely a chemical pregnancy.  If it’s above about 100, it is considered a “good” result.  Then it’s a 48-hour wait to repeat the blood test.  At that time, the number should at least […]