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twenty-eight | year five

full moon tomorrow

adam’s complaint some people, no matter what you give them, still want the moon. the bread, the salt, white meat and dark, still hungry. the marriage bed and the cradle, still empty arms. you give them land, their own earth under their feet, still they take to the roads. and water: dig them the deepest […]

somethings only she knows

when the four most recent posts on my blog are all “thousand word thursday” posts, i start to feel guilted into writing something. surely i have something to say. surely there’s something noteworthy in the past few weeks that warrants a mention. and there is. in fact, there are many such somethings. but here’s the […]


there’s a full moon tonight.  the december full moon is also called the long nights moon.  in addition to being full, tonight’s moon also happens to be at its closest point to the earth (perigee) since 1993.  very high ocean tides can be expected from the coincidence of perigee and the full moon.  it is […]

full moon tomorrow

the november full moon is also called the beaver moon.  this was the time to set beaver traps before the waters froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.  this is also the time that beavers are actively preparing for winter. this full moon will light the way for my journey home from indianapolis.  there’s […]

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