february 14th

“kisses are a better fate than wisdom.” (e.e. cummings)

February fourteenth is right around the corner. Not only is this Valentine’s Day, but it also happens to be my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am one of *those* people – my parents are still married. My little sister also happens to be married. In fact, most of my friends are married as well. This is not something I normally think about, but I can’t help but to consider this fact with Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon.

I’m okay with being single. I’m fine with not having a ‘valentine’ this year. I know that my time will come.

Despite all of the crazy commercialization of this holiday, there’s only one thing I’ve ever wanted from my significant other on Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t cost anything. The strange thing is that it is the one thing I’ve never received.

Thankfully I’m a patient person.

One February fourteenth,
Someone will get it right,
And then I will know…

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