twenty things

i am the proud mother of two felines. they are my girls.

i love driving the gw parkway.

i like antiques, tradition and things that have a story to tell.

i think too much.

i enjoy a good conversation paired with a good coffee.

i love listening to music, tori amos and charlotte martin in particular.

i am definitely not as quiet as you might think.

i have more friends that are male than female, for no particular reason.

i am driven and ambitious.

i adopted the steelers as my favourite football team a few years ago – before they won the superbowl.

i could stay up all night and sleep all day.

i love the night sky, especially the moon.

i believe that people are generally good and tend to do the right thing.

i like to knit and play the piano but seldom find the time to do either.

i love my friends and my family.

i am loyal, sometimes to a fault.

i’ll try anything once, sometimes twice, just to be sure.

i am amazingly creative.

i never forget.

i believe that a lot of our differences would fade away if we just listened to each other.

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