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dearly beloved, we are gathered together…

in a blind instinct of self-preservation, some of the wedding party shield themselves against the intense rays of the moment. too much to bear. too strong a current to let flow through them, exposing and shattering them – they, the strong, the armored, the invulnerable. block it; bandage the eyes; plug the ears; hold the heart. let nothing seep in. caulk up the cracks; bar the door; close the blinds. batten down everything, and it will pass. this is the unbearable moment, but it will pass. thank god, it will pass, and everything will be the same again.

but for others, life can never be refused. more courageous, more curious, or more greedy for life, no part of it can they bear to lose. aware of its richness, its variety, they cannot close the eyes, plug the ears, or block the heart. in that moment of anesthesia some vision might flash never to be seen again. unbolt the door; fling out the windows; spread wide the arms. let it come; let it flow; let it blaze. let it pour through every vein. let it flood the heart, immerse the body and soul. this is the moment. it will pass — oh, too soon, it will pass. listen to it; watch it; feel it — it will pass and nothing will ever be the same again.

i first picked up an anne morrow lindbergh book in my 10th grade honors english class and i loved her words immediately. this book, dearly beloved, was originally published in 1962 and was long out of print until 2003. i discovered it just a few months ago.

this story unfolds during the course of a wedding and each chapter is told from the perspective of a different person — the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, the groom, the best man. through each character’s lens, we see the wedding a little differently and we find that love means very different things to different people. although written over 40 years ago, lindbergh’s message is timeless and touching and resonates with a universal truth inside us all.


sounds good! you’ll have to let me borrow it – i’m in need of a new book to dive into.

Posted by brook on 12 August 2008 @ 8am

sure thing! now i am devoting my attention to sylvia and ted 🙂

Posted by heatherdyan on 12 August 2008 @ 8am

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