i recently asked my father about his favourite christmas memory. here’s what he shared.

when he was about ten, his mother and three siblings lived in a small apartment in baltimore. they had very little money. on christmas eve, they ate dinner together and then listened to christmas carols on the radio. there weren’t any presents, in fact, there wasn’t even a christmas tree. money was especially tight that year.

and then there was a knock at the door. it was a gentleman holding a christmas tree.

my grandmother, a woman of strong faith, graciously accepted the tree and turned to her children and said, “see, didn’t i tell you that something would happen?”

and so it did.

christmas came after all. of course it was always there in spirit, but for my father and his siblings, it was carried in the arms of a stranger that year.


This story was very touching.

Posted by Lucy on 20 December 2008 @ 5pm

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