behind my eyes i’m hiding

everything changed on february 11, 1994.  it was a friday.  i watched jay leno that night and his musical guest was tori amos.  behind a majestic grand piano sat a tiny woman with curly red hair who played the most hauntingly beautiful lovesong i had ever heard.  i don’t think i moved for the entire four minutes she was on the screen.

the very next day, after work, i headed to the mall and bought a copy of ‘under the pink.’  i played it so much that I rendered the CD unreadable and had to buy a second copy.  i knew every second of every song on that CD by heart.  i lived every lyric, every note, every breath.  in all of my thirty-six years, i have never been so taken with an artist.

i don’t really expect anyone else to understand — except maybe my sister — she knows because she has it too.  the connection. the inexplicable something that draws me to her music.  it’s probably better left undefined.

let’s just say that i’ve purchased every tori release since 1994, i’ve attended sixteen of her live performances, and i’ve met her five times.  i won’t stop until she does.

in an attempt to preserve some of my tori ephemera, i’ve been busy collecting and scanning and archiving.  and a new section of my blog has been born — the tori amos section.  i’ll meet you there.


How much of a dork am I that I immediately recognized this date as the day the worst ice storm of our lifetime hit the Mid-Atlantic? I don’t know where you were that night, but in lower southern MD at my parents’ place in Calvert County, they received about three inches of freezing rain while I got between 4 and 5 inches of pure sleet in College Park. I’m guessing you were somewhere inbetween with a warm drink in your hand while watching Tori.

Posted by Colin on 1 June 2012 @ 4pm

That’s too funny, Colin. I have absolutely no memory of the ice storm. I was at my parents’ place in White Plains at the time completely absorbed by the great Ms. Amos.

Posted by heatherdyan on 1 June 2012 @ 8pm

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