this time next week

i’ll be winging westward — to the oregon coast.  there, i’ll be joined by other creatives for five days of magic — photography, writing, storytelling, music, laughter.  i have no idea what to expect, but i know it will be transformative, and i believe i’ll walk away not quite the same as i arrived.

the pacific northwest has been calling to me for some time — especially the coast — that rocky, dramatic, picturesque coast.  so very different from the manicured coasts of the mid-atlantic that i frequent.  i need the change.  the shift.  and with it, i think i’ll find something.  something unnamed that i’ve been seeking.  i’m sure it’s *here* somewhere, but i’m too close to see it.  the distance will make it clear, of that, i’m sure.

whatever it is, i think it’s waiting for me there, and i hope to return with it in my heart and in my mind — plucked from setting suns and salty breezes and crashing waves.  enough to sustain and enough to share.  my very own gift from the sea.

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