there’s a lot to say, but the words are slow to come.

if i had to pick just one, “change” comes to mind. try as i might, a can’t seem to get a grasp on anything right now. it’s all moving so quickly, like gold dust through my hands.  one moment, one day, one season right into another. beautiful, yes, but so very fleeting.

[i'm hearing quiet whispers of spring]

spring and fall always seem to find me on the cusp, hoovering for just a few moments before closing my eyes and taking the plunge. it’s exhilarating and exhausting all at once, but it’s the only way i know.

i always say that fall is my favourite season, but spring holds a very special place in my heart. spring makes me laugh — it sneaks up on me with a warm breeze, and suddenly –BAM– everything is alive and filled with colour! it’s an awakening, a rebirth, a beginning, and that fills me with hope. hope and peace and grace — the loveliest of things.

there are moments, like today, when i feel at the top of the pendulum’s swing, exhilarated by the view, all the while knowing that it’s just a momentary pause of clarity followed by a rush of change.

but, as they say, change is good.

spring is my perennial reminder.

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