Two Years

You think because you understand one

you must also understand two

because one and one make two.

But you must also understand and.



It’s been two years, and I can still feel the sun on my face and your arms around me.  The air was cold that November day, but I didn’t notice.  It was you and me, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, from that day forward. To love and to honor and to cherish.  In joy and in sadness, in sickness and in health.

Two years ago, we said those vows and promised our love to each other.

I can’t say that those two years have been particularly easy.  Along the way, there was an immigration, and a surgery, a pregnancy, and a miscarriage.  There were shortages of space and money, there were difficult choices, and there were sleepless nights.  But it was never about being easy.  It was about being together.

I look back on those two years and I am grateful for the lessons we learned, for the tears we shed, for the comfort we found in each other’s arms.  Those two years have made us strong.  They have made us sure.

You and me.

Happy anniversary, my sweet love.  All of my tomorrows start with your name.

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Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple……….Heather and Rowan! It has been my pleasure to watch you grow closer and closer together these two years. Wishing you a lifetime of happy years together. Enjoy your anniversary celebration. Love you so much! <3

Posted by Mom on 8 November 2015 @ 9am

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