about me


facts about me: i was born in baltimore on a thursday afternoon in 1975. i currently reside, along with two one sassy and occasionally aloof feline, across the river from the nation’s capital.  i’m in love with a canadian. dyan is my middle name.

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some random musings: i appreciate the unpredictability of nature and the imperfection of life — and so i think things should always be a little rough around the edges. i am full of ambition and energy. i have big ideas. i have the greatest of expectations. i believe that a lot of our differences would fade away if we just listened to each other. music is always on my mind, always!  i never leave home without at least one camera.  i am happy spending time alone but i am driven to travel the world. i think animals are the best judge of character. my tastes are classical, augmented with a dash of eccentricity. i know things i shouldn’t. i love steelers football.  my home is eclectic and focused on quality and history. i am deeply and profoundly moved by the beauty of things around me.  when i’m with my family, i feel like i belong. i am a romantic and a dreamer. for me, love is about devotion and tenderness, speaking without words, passion. i believe a full tank and an open road can lead just about anywhere.

i don’t always know where i’m going, but i’m going.

perhaps i’ll meet you there.


that morning when the sun sang me a lullaby

One week ago today, we said, "I do" -- I'm so glad we did!