can’t recapture the past? of course you can!

when i pick up a new book, the first thing i do is flip to the last page and read the final paragraph.the great gatsby came to me in ms. chalmers 11th grade AP english class and i knew the moment i read the final words that it was something very special. “so we beat […]

seventeen | year five

thirteen | year four

read this book | the history of love

i’m a sucker for a complex story — one that weaves itself through different times, places, people.  i love seeing how it all comes together, how something simple and true can be teased out of the chaos of seemingly disparate elements. the history of love, by nicole krauss, is such a story.  from the title, […]

read this book

imagine this:  several days before christmas, your only daughter falls ill and lies, unresponsive, in a coma.  you and your husband leave the hospital and sit down to dinner at home.  as you finish mixing the salad, you look over to your husband who is suddenly slumped motionless on the table.  he has suffered a […]

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