table 21

this past weekend, i had the distinct pleasure of dining at the exclusive table 21 at volt restaurant in frederick, maryland. it was opened by bryan voltaggio (of top chef fame) in 2008.  the restaurant is situated on the first floor of frederick’s historic houck mansion, an 1890s brownstone. table 21 is an eight-seated counter […]

lost and found [revisited]

[N.B.  two years ago tonight, along with the rest of the world, i said farewell to my beloved LOST.  i’m still waiting for another show to come along and hook me the way it did; i fear i’ll be waiting for a long, long time.] from the first time i saw that swirling LOST title […]

read this book | the history of love

i’m a sucker for a complex story — one that weaves itself through different times, places, people.  i love seeing how it all comes together, how something simple and true can be teased out of the chaos of seemingly disparate elements. the history of love, by nicole krauss, is such a story.  from the title, […]

thousand word thursday | video edition

year of the rabbit from frater on vimeo. happy chinese new year!

twenty seven | year three

another for the 2011 calendar.

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