twenty six | year three

this is already on my calendar.

eighteen | year three

rock & roll and radio are you still in love with me like the way you used to be or is it changing? does it deepen over time like the river that is winding through the canyon? are you still in love with her? do you remember how you were before the sorrow? are you […]

what if it is?

i’ve been a devoted follower of ‘six feet under’ since it’s beginning in 2001.  oh, the fishers.  i followed them through five seasons of loves and losses and betrayals and awakenings.  over the past few months, i’ve been re-watching the entire series and, i’m in love again. i’ve saved the final three episodes for today.  […]

lost and found

from the first time i saw that swirling LOST title screen in 2004, i was hooked. you know the story — it all begins with the crash of oceanic flight 815, which strands the surviving passengers on a seemingly deserted island.  only it’s not really deserted.  and it’s an island like no other. there were […]

four | year two

happily ever after on november 21, 2009, my friends, tracy and dana, were married. as a favor to the couple, and as an aspiring photographer, i agreed to document their day in photographs.  what a day it was — the weather was beautiful, the church was lovely, and the guests were excited.  after a beautiful […]

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