the third of february

i wish for you the color that you bring forth in others to greatly rise within you. i wish you your own best strength. i wish you always loved ones at your side. i wish you the beginnings of all your dreams and many of the ends. i wish you peace. (mary anne radmacher) happy, […]

nineteen | year three

goodbye punctuated by a decade, our friendship spanned distances and differences in miles and minds. we found our boundaries by pushing together, then apart, and finally together again. through it all, our talks were legendary.  they will not be the same when we’re strangers. they will be missed.  as will you. be safe and well, […]

fourteen | year three

gratitude no matter how many times i say it, i still feel lucky to call you my friend. i’ve only known you for two years, but it feels more like a lifetime — distilled into our near-daily exchanges of messages and calls and letters and cards. and music, always music. thank you for being a […]

just before dawn

you know those things we all hold on to?  the if onlys? if only i had the time… if only i had the money… if only i had the words… those things become crutches, excuses, diversions, distractions, ways out of uncomfortable moments, and, for me, they become a trap, a holding pattern.  and i get […]

atlanta deconstructed

saturday 10/09/10 roadtrips & stinkbugs & the hard rock cafe “excuse me, do you have any lemonade?“ sunday 10/10/10 football & scottish bartenders & a walk in the park “what’s the capital of montana?  by the way, i drive a vintage jaguar.” monday 10/11/10 lenox square & red-soled shoes & ruth’s chris “if you ever […]

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