The word means, “to come to live in another country permanently.”  Seems simple enough.  But the process, oh my stars, it’s anything but simple. I can say this now, now that my husband and I are standing near the finish line of this whole production.  As I write, he’s driving eight hours from Ontario to […]

the center

this is me. happy. overflowing with gratitude and love. laughing because, why not? this year has just begun and i’ve already put my ‘one little word’ to the test. more than once. and i am certain this will be the rule and not the exception. still, laughter seems to come easy when there’s so much […]

the luckiest

my people.  my family.  i am the luckiest girl to have them in my life.  i’m thankful for them every day, but christmas always calls me to put my gratitude into words. r.h.s. my love.  my sweetest laughter.  my fellow traveler. thank you for sharing with me the love of my lifetime. i can’t imagine my days […]

thirteen | year seven

day thirteen = comfort

eleven | year seven

day eleven = favourite photo of 2014

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