twenty seven | year three

another for the 2011 calendar.

twenty six | year three

this is already on my calendar.

twenty seven

the words are late to come today, and few. my sister convinced me to see twilight with her last night.  it was her third viewing. let me just say that watching that movie made me feel like a teenager again, in all the best ways. (edward, i’m here waiting.)


the following exchange from a movie has always resonated with me, it makes me think that perhaps there’s a common language we all speak with our hearts. f: “let me ask you this:   if you were to choose between marrying a lover and marrying a friend, who would you choose?” m: “i would marry my soul mate.” […]

say anything

it was 1989 and i saw say anything at the local theatre with my friend, cory.  almost twenty years later, it remains one of my favourite movies. she’s gone. she gave me a pen. i gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.  lloyd dobler and diane court,  the improbable couple, the underachiever and the validectorian — they […]

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