it’s time

tomorrow, i will be heading east, until i reach the shore. goodbye to deadlines and agendas, commutes and traffic, meetings and conference calls. hello to laughter and sandy beaches, late nights and bike rides, boardwalks and seagulls. every year, i return to the shore, along with my family, to relax and recharge, to listen as […]

NYC in photos

the big apple

the last time i visited new york city, it was 1998.  i was still in college.  the towers were still standing. when i left, i knew i would be back.  i just didn’t know it would take me fifteen years. tomorrow is the day.  tomorrow i jump onto a train bound for the big apple […]

sixteen | year five

solar eclipse

the moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep. (alice hoffman) here’s my view of the may 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse.  i was looking across the san diego bay toward coronado. an annular elipse occurs when the moon’s apparent diameter is […]

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