gold dust

as this year draws to a close, i resolve to take a few moments to myself and just be here, in this moment. i’m going to breathe deeply and savor every breath. i’m going to be thankful for the people and things that surround me. i’m going to love myself and all my imperfections. and […]

the space between

december is always a bittersweet month for me. i find myself struggling to tie up all the loose ends before closing out the year and moving on to the next. it’s a time for reflection and inventory and a sprinkling of hope that the next year might be at least as good as this one. […]

let it go

no, i’m not quoting the goosebump-inducing disney movie, i’m quoting a bit of wisdom from my pal e.e.cummings: i remembered this poem right when i needed it most. when i felt completely misunderstood, ignored, hurt, disrespected, and betrayed by someone i expected to treat me better. someone i thought was sensitive and compassionate. someone i […]

oh, the irony (a reminder)

[n.b. this was originally written in 2009 for my sister. i had no idea that, six years later, i would be in the very same struggle, needing the very same words. life is funny that way. so, i’m sharing these words again.  this time for myself.  and maybe you need them, too.] the best things […]

happy birthday to me?

my birthday looms on the horizon and i find myself struggling not to fall into my annual pattern of half-empty reflection. i’m going to be — wait for it — hold on to your knickers — forty.  FORTY!  no matter how many times i say it, it just doesn’t seem possible. where did the years […]

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