words on wednesday

this time next week

i’ll be winging westward — to the oregon coast.  there, i’ll be joined by other creatives for five days of magic — photography, writing, storytelling, music, laughter.  i have no idea what to expect, but i know it will be transformative, and i believe i’ll walk away not quite the same as i arrived. the […]

i’ll be wearing your tattoo

i was sitting next to a man holding his daughter yesterday. “i want a tattoo, daddy,” she said. “no, no… i don’t like tattoos.” “but your arms?” she was confused. “tattoos never go away. they tell about who you used to be and sometimes people change.” the little girl traced a bird on his forearm. […]

keep your eyes on her horizon

the horizon: it’s that line where the sky and the earth appear to meet. and for some reason, it has always fascinated me. for pilots and sailors, the horizon is a guide; for astronomers, the horizon is the zero point; for artists, the horizon is a perspective reference. for me, the horizon is a source […]

on being still and moving on

i’m barely four months into this year, and already, i can tell it’s going to be epic.  not easy or smooth or comfortable, but important — formidable, perhaps even grand. and i’m ready. “you do realize that you’re still holding on with both hands, right?,” he said from that overstuffed beige arm chair with dark […]


there’s a lot to say, but the words are slow to come. if i had to pick one, “change” would be the word of the hour, the week, and the month — and it’s just beginning. spring and fall always seem to find me on the cusp, hoovering for just a few moments before closing […]

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