it's the truth (if you think it is)

truth — it’s something i’m constantly seeking. to me, words are one of the few things that possess some absolute quality of truth.  not spoken words, but written words.  that probably explains why i’m such a collector of words — i have notebooks upon notebooks full of quotes, thoughts, random words that i don’t want […]

words of another

the god who loves you it must be troubling for the god who loves you to ponder how much happier you’d be today had you been able to glimpse your many futures. it must be painful for him to watch you on friday evenings driving home from the office, content with your week— three fine […]

read this book

it’s amazing how much can be said in just six words. back in july, i wrote about ernest hemmingway’s story and SMITH magazine’s project to compile six word memoirs.  their second collection, six word memoirs of love and heartbreak, was recently released.  just in time for valentine’s day. it’s truly worth a read.  here are […]


i’m filled with hope today as i watch my country welcome a new president. hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune–without the words, and never stops at all, and sweetest in the gale is heard; and sore must be the storm that could abash the little bird […]

twenty one

[originally posted on january 06, 2007. one of my favourites from the archives.] someone i don’t know and will probably never meet wrote something about me. okay, technically, it’s not about me, but, if i were to ask someone to describe me in words, i couldn’t dream of something more perfect than this: she seems […]

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