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Two Years

You think because you understand one you must also understand two because one and one make two. But you must also understand and. (Rumi) It’s been two years, and I can still feel the sun on my face and your arms around me.  The air was cold that November day, but I didn’t notice.  It […]

The Darkest Nights

And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us. (Pablo Neruda) I’ve been married for 212 days, and of those days, I’ve been with my husband 59. You see, I fell in love with a Canadian, and we thought, foolishly in retrospect, that being together would […]

yes, we did!

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all the things i couldn't say

dear m.e.w., i will never forget that time i called you, a little less than four weeks before our wedding, to say that i couldn’t marry you. “i’m coming down this weekend. i need to talk to you about something,” i said. “just tell me now,” you replied, “i don’t want to wait for the […]

a moment

after you explained to me, again, why we wouldn’t work, why we couldn’t be together, you walked me out to my car. “i’m sorry,” you said. “me too, ” i replied. i turned to open my car door and you reached out to catch my arm. “can i at least have a hug?” you asked. […]

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